Implementation of Marketing 360

What is the implementation of Marketing 360?

Omnichannel is more than the use of multiple channels. It is about creating an integrated and cohesive experience across all channels and devices where customers interact. The main benefit translates into increased customer loyalty.

The Omnichannel 360º Marketing service is about defining a 12-month digital strategic plan. To do this, we need to make sure we activate the right levers and use as many channels as possible. It takes time to explore different channels, tools and messages, as well as to calculate the impact of the action. Through this process, we will find out what works in each particular case.

Increase lead acquisition
Increase B2B or B2C sales in marketplaces or e-commerce
Optimize digital channels according to objectives
Customer retention and loyalty
Enhance user experience on the web and conversion rate
Improve your brand positioning and visibility
Analytics tactics and KPI's
  • Creation of KPIs according to the digital strategy and as a basis of measurement.

  • Monitoring of weekly and monthly KPIs

  • Installation of measurement tools.

SEM tactics
  • Brand campaign.

  • Segmented category campaign based on keywords

  • Creation of Social Ads campaigns, Facebook Ads and use of Google Ads.

SEO tactics
  • On page: Creation and optimization of content and landing page to improve organic search position and increase traffic and impact.

  • Off page: Creation of campaigns and segmentation by industry to reach specific targets

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