Marketplace and Amazon positioning

What is the Marketplace and Amazon positioning service?

A marketplace is a business model based on the intermediation between sellers and buyers where we can find different brands, companies or shops. In other words, it is a kind of online shopping centre.

Although selling on the Internet is simple, it does not have to be effective. The public is wider, but so is the competition. Therefore, every online shop must have an added value that differentiates it from the rest, and that is sustained by a defined sales strategy that uses the necessary tools and tactics.

This is where Mindset Digital comes in as your strategic ally to help you sell more (and better!) on Amazon and other marketplaces.

And how will we achieve it?

We define a customized strategic plan and study your industry to determine the best marketplace for you. Our team of Digital Hackers, as experts in Amazon advertising and marketplace management, helps you to fully manage your marketplace space, continuously monitor the evolution of growth and boost your positioning and visibility through:
Audit listing
  • Creation of KPIs in line with the digital strategy and as a basis for measurement

  • Monitoring of weekly and monthly KPIs.

  • Installation of measurement tools.

Upload top products
  • Brand campaign

  • Category campaign segmented on the basis of keywords

  • Creation of Social Ads campaigns, Facebook Ads and use of Google Ads.

Improve product page
  • On page: Creation and optimization of content and landing page to improve organic search position and increase traffic and traffic and impact.

  • Off page: Creation of campaigns and
     segmentation by industry to reach specific specific targets.

Amazon Brand store
  • Improving the inter-page branding and product classification.

Ads Brand + Top products
  • Brand advertisement, attacking keywords of the
    brand to protect it from competitors.

  • Automatic product advertisement products to find out the terms used to search for the product

How does Amazon selling work?
Amazon is always ahead, so you can't be left behind. We need to understand how selling online through the e-commerce giant works and choose the option that best suits our needs.
Option A: Seller

Third party seller, does not sell Amazon. Payment of commission and direct sale to the user. You need Brand Registry.

Type 1: FBA
Use the services of Amazon logistic (with a monthly payment + 15% commission on average). Right to Prime.
Type 2: FBM
It uses its own logistics to send to the buyer (monthly payment charge) *shipping conditions.
Option B: Vendor

You sell to Amazon, which acts as a distributor. You don't know direct sales, but the ads and product information are at your expense.

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