The education sector plays a fundamental role in our society: it fosters the academic and personal growth of individuals through knowledge, skills and attitudes. Increasingly, the education offered is of higher quality and, thanks to new technological possibilities, has implemented alternative learning methods. The way for schools to communicate and demonstrate this new educational reality is to define a Digital Marketing strategy.

At Mindset Digital we are experts in digital marketing tools and we cover all aspects of digitalisation: process automation, online advertising, internet positioning, social media, data analysis... In addition, we also have a vocation for education and we develop and teach courses for schools, universities, institutions or companies that require it, as we have done before.

At Mindset Digital we have extensive experience in Digital Marketing. We apply direct to consumer strategies and new distribution platforms. Direct online marketing through SEO (organic search engine optimization) or SEM (paid search engine optimization) to improve and increase the visibility of the company; as well as create Social Ads campaigns, automate and improve customer relationships through CRM software such as Hubspot or Pipedrive or Force Manager.

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We have worked with clients like you. Companies or institutions in the education sector that wanted to apply and learn about new digital marketing tools from online channels to improve their training and services offered.

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