The art sector is avant-garde, innovative and breaks the established patterns. At the same time, it is one of the sectors most reluctant to adopt technology and new digital marketing strategies. In order not to remain on the sidelines, it is essential for the art sector to understand how digitalization has changed the market. The way of consuming art, the habits, and processes of buying a work, as well as the way in which the public interacts, disseminates and relates to art through the internet, is no longer the same.There is a certain expectation of the experimental that makes it essential for every entity that forms part of this world to adapt, not only to differentiate itself from the competition, but also to avoid becoming obsolete. In this way, art can integrate into itsprocesses the possibilities offered by digital marketing to increase sales, attract new customers, improve brand image and improve its competitiveness.

At Mindset Digital we are experts in digital marketing tools and we apply SEO and SEM strategies to improve positioning, increase visibility and promote the company; as well ascreating Social Ads campaigns to increase the reach and visibility of the brand in the networks. We also advise on content generation, web positioning, database management through CRM software such as Hubspot or Typeform, to understand the client and improve the customer journey.

We apply "Growth hacking" strategies, we measure everything, and from the data, we propose hypotheses and apply tactical actions with great professionalism to validate them.

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