Accompaniment in digital transformation and the new digital strategy of an industrial company.

What is Virutexttools?

Since 1962, Virutex brand carpentry machines and tools have achieved well-deserved worldwide prestige for their quality, robustness, efficiency and precision, ahead of large multinationals in the sector.

Its technical department has advanced design systems and modern laboratories where they test to perfect the new machines. They are capable of constantly innovating. Virutex has an excellent human team, highly qualified, capable of guaranteeing a very high level of precision and perfection in all its projects with the impressive quality of the machines.

How have we helped Mindset Digital?

We carry out a Digital Marketing Plan to launch in the North American market (USA and Canada), with a B2C and B2B ecommerce sales strategy for your Virutextools ecommerce.

To do this, we carry out a complete benchmarking of your competition from the point of view of online marketing and digital channels: we analyze the SEO positioning (Search engine optimization), the communication and storytelling of each of the competitors, definition of your personal buyers (professional and amateur in this carpentry sector), analysis of the customer journey, structure of PPC (Paid per click) campaigns in Google Ads (Adwords) and Facebook Ads and its action plan in these online campaigns, study of levers of influencers in YouTube and Instagram.

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Mindset Digital?

On the other hand, we are also managing e-commerce in the US and Canada, from CRO (Conversion rate optimization) techniques, growth hacking, content planning on social media (Facebook and Instagram) or improvement of analytics, UX (User experience) and web usability (Google Analytics and Hotjar) to be able to make decisions with rigorous data. As our partner Xavi, expert in web analytics "Decisions are made with objective data, not with opinions".

Besides, we also thought it was timely, not only to increase sales in digital channels, but also to reach more people, open and manage the Amazon seller channel (Virutextools storefront).

The marketing and digital transformation plan carried out at the beginning has become the company's roadmap, Virutex, in the new digital strategy, which we execute daily, review weekly and control, with the company's management, monthly.

We can affirm that from the digital transformation agency Mindset Digital we are successfully helping a traditionally industrial company with distributors throughout Europe and the world, to improve a global hybrid model with the growth of the B2C channel.

Main KPI's

300% web growth in the 1Q

Account opening and Amazon Marketplace management

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