Audit of web positioning and analytics, and internal team training.

What is BCN Vision?

The company BCN Vision is dedicated exclusively to the design, maintenance and installation of artificial vision systems for the industrial sector.

Increasingly advanced solutions, capable of varying according to the needs of each client, BCN Vision's main mission is to improve the production and competitiveness of its clients in their respective markets.

How have we helped Mindset Digital?

We carry out audits of the structure, analytics, UX (User experience) and usability of the website, as well as web positioning (SEO) and its SEO strategy (Search engine optimization).

These audits are carried out by our experts from Mindset Digital on Web, Web Analytics, CRO (Conversion rate optimization), UX (User experience) and SEO to determine the improvements that could be made to grow BCN Vision's online presence. .

To do this, we studied the BCN Vision website and its pages to determine how it was at the usability level by analyzing the CTAs (Call to action), the labels, the sales funnels (sales funnel) and the objectives of the website. When carrying out an audit of web analytics and usability, you must always take into account the final strategy of the web and work very well with the client.

On the other hand, in the analytics study we also studied how Google tools, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager were structured and managed. We check that the tools are being used and are structured correctly to extract the maximum possible data in order to make decisions that are as objective as possible and supported by data.

¿Cómo ayudamos desde
Mindset Digital?

For the SEO study of the BCN Vision website and its pages, we studied with the tools of Google Search Console and Semrush how they were both at a technical level and in SEO Onpage.

We conducted a study of keywords (Keywords) and recommendations so that they could begin to implement changes and increase the ranking of as many keywords as possible in the SERPs.

On the other hand, we are training the marketing team in digital marketing tools and strategies so that they can implement their digital transformation. We work with our team of experts so that each week they review a different strategy and lever to fully understand how to capture new leads and how to improve the conversion funnel.

Among these are the different trainings: Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, SEM, Google Ads, Web, UX. We also help in the implementation of some tactics that we have done in the training and we show them practically how to implement the different strategies.

Main KPI's

Implementation of an SEO strategy on page

PPC Strategy Settings

Improvement of funnel for capturing leads

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