At Mindset Digital we have clear ideas so that you don't have any doubts. We exist to offer you the best possible experience in the growth process of your company, but we would not be without our values of proximity, transparency and commitment. Our manifesto guides us the way forward, and reminds us who we are: Digital Hackers.
‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do’
Steve Jobs
YES! We love what we do.
Provide maximum value to our customers, thanks to innovation, knowledge of technology and knowledge of new markets. We love to know all the news. We are internet geeks and digital businesses...
YES! Our spirit is helpful.
We accompany and if necessary we act as a sherpa of the team with the aim of reaching the top of the digital transformation.
YES! We have already started with online businesses before.
Our goal is to avoid mistakes that we have already made before.
YES! We work from home.
Although we also have an HQ in Barcelona and we travel if necessary. We even dress up if the situation requires it... We know how to adapt to any situation.
YES! We work for you to get the best results.
Not to fill hours. If necessary and you allow us, we get wet in the results.
YES! You will communicate directly with the experts.
You will have direct communication with the entire team responsible for your company to facilitate and help you throughout the digital transformation process.
YES! We work aligned with your commercial team.
We understand that in order to grow, a good alignment between all parts of the company is necessary. Sales-marketing coordination is one of the most crucial and we know it.
NO! Not all the team works full time.
Mindset Digital is made up of international experts who collaborate on various professional projects, bringing that experience to our clients.
Headphones, turn up the volume and relax!
You are in our hands. Relax and listen to our Spotify playlist.

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